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52 Timeless Toys to Knit is now available as nine e-books!
Each e-book encompasses one chapter from the print book, and includes the patterns from that chapter plus all the front matter and general instructions from the print book.
Down Under
I can think of few other places that have such unusual wildlife. All children seem to love kangaroos -- how special that our kangaroo also has a removable joey. And we've included a kiwi because, after all, New Zealand is also Down Under.

Crocodile, Kanga and Roo, Kiwi, Koala, Platypus

Mother Nature really shows her sense of humor when it comes to birds. I’ve included some of the most colorful and outlandish representatives in my “flock.”

Blue-footed Booby, Flamingo, Peacock, Penguin, Toucan

I spent my early childhood in The Heartland with 4H Club, square dancing on Saturday nights, and school picnics that always included hayrides. This collection is definitely close to my heart!

Cow and Calf, Ewe and Lamb, Goose and Goslings, Hen and Chicks, Sow and Piglets

Midnight Sun
Two of my grandchildren were born in Fairbanks, Alaska. This chapter is a tribute to the time I spent there and to the beautiful song and book by Raffi, Baby Beluga. Gifting any of these toys along with the book would be a splendid way to welcome a new baby.

Baby Beluga, Moose, Polar Bear, Puffin, Walrus

Under the sea is a magical place. What child doesn't experience a fascination with this hidden world at one time or another?

Blue Tang, Clown Fish, Crab, Shark, Starfish

This chapter includes the first toys I ever designed, although they’ve been updated for this shiny new appearance. They were inspired by photographs I made in Tanzania and Zimbabwe and gifted to my (then) 2- and 3-year old grandsons.

Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Monkey, Zebra

The Southwest is certainly not without its distinctive collection of critters. These are a few that really tickle me.

Armadillo, Coyote, Javelina, Painted Lizard, Prairie Dog

Growing up in the country gave me lots of opportunities for poking about in streams and ponds. Every child will love to tuck in the turtle's parts and then pull them back out of the shell.

Beaver, Frog, Garter Snake, Snail, Turtle

Woodlands vary a bit across this huge country of ours and around the world. These guys are the residents in my backyard.

Mouse, Owl and Owlets, Rabbit, Skunk, Squirrel